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Job security and entrepreneurship do not go together

Moving from a big corporation to a small entrepreneurship is a change more complex than it might seem.  At a distance, it may seem like performing a similar or even different job, but at a much smaller scale. However, the fragile and fine line between ‘making it or breaking it’ is not easily seen.

In a big corporation employees generally come to work knowing that no matter how badly a one performs on a given day, tomorrow he or she will have the same job security, and this mind-set is extensively internalized. However, in a small entrepreneurship, such a mind-set cannot, or should not, exist.  Each and every person counts. The word “ownership” takes on its very own meaning…, if you don´t own it, no one else will.  If you drop the ball, the consequence can be as dramatic as a deal not going thru, and as such, earnings are at risk. If earnings fall, people might find themselves without a job… and this is highly unlikely to happen in a big corporation.

The sense of job security is at its extreme: generally low in the small entrepreneurship and rather high in a big corporation.

Ironically, big corporations ask their employees to behave as entrepreneurs, recognizing that this is a mind-set that helps to grow the business. To me, it is clear that big corporations generally lack such individuals. Entrepreneurs are people who are totally dedicated, tolerate risk, and whose main concern is not job security.

Therefore, in my view, small entrepreneurships have a competitive advantage over big corporations… they are more daring, risk takers, and equally professional, although with less resources.

Small entrepreneurships attract ‘warriors’, people who seek challenges, are resourceful and creative, and who look at the entrepreneur as their leader. In other words, small entrepreneurships are the real deal!

In my experience, I can conclude that the essential difference between these two sizes of businesses is knowing that in a small entrepreneurship there is no safety net… you have to do it right the first time, so, what could be more exciting than that?

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